Unity Labs, is suspected of carrying out financial fraud activities such as pyramid schemes in the name of blockchain!


The parties have filed labor arbitration with Unity Labs. Although they have no expectations for the outcome of the arbitration, the reason for publishing the whole process here is to facilitate the subsequent jump into the same pit and continue to be deceived by such bad companies.

This is a Sino-foreign joint venture blockchain company. Strictly speaking, it is a Sino-foreign joint venture company controlled by a Chinese shareholder, COO, Guangshui Quan, Chinese name 全广水, the actual controller of the company, through “Guangzhou Quanlian Technology Co., Ltd. “Occupy 63% of Unity Labs shares, the shares can be seen here. Official website unitylabs.io , team page https://www.unitylabs.io/team/ .

Core Team:

Unity Labs legal person is CAMERON MICHAEL SEAN JASON,abbreviated as Michael,with a 32% stake, CTO is BURKE WARREN MATTHEW JOHN, or Warren, with a 5% stake, of which Serena Xiao owns several shares through Quanlian. The head of the logistics department, the three are the Unity Labs executive team, responsible for all the daily things. Under the leadership of the company’s COO Quanguangshui (the company’s actual controller), through the registration of a number of domestic and foreign entities, circumventing existing legal provisions, and long-term concealing employees , the financial fraud of pyramid schemes in the name of blockchain activity.

Core developer

Sam Lam, Lin Zhongxuan(林忠轩), Mobile Development Developer, Unity Labs,

Sam Lam, Lin Zhongxuan, Mobile Development Developer, Unity Labs, fake bolockchain, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes

How it happened

It is probably in mid-October, and the parties saw the news sent by a certain group in the inadvertent browsing. Platform Vpay: Cheating aunt “invest 10,000, earn millions in a year” , the daily communication with the CEO and CTO has repeatedly mentioned the words related to vpay, online search vpay , originally thought to be a certain size of the United States virtual The payment company. Did not care, until they saw the above report about vpay, they linked it to MLM (Multi-level marketing) and found many related articles through web search. In this article, I saved the brainwashed mothers! What should I do in the face of the pyramid scheme scam? they found that IPCHAIN, the company’s main project, is so close to a large-scale MLM scam!

IPChain raised ico on Vpay

After cross-validation with multiple sources, the partnership between IPCHAIN ​​and Vpay has been confirmed. Under the assumption that the CTO and the CEO are ignorant of the COO, the CTO will inform the CTO of this concern. The CEO asked for two responses. It has repeatedly indicated that it is not aware of the issues related to vpay pyramid sales, and after consulting multiple lawyers to find a suitable solution, and at the same time carry out loss control, Unity Labs has been repeatedly mentioned as a “technical service provider”.

The so-called IPChain Global Mining Pool Launch Conference started around 10.20, and the first stop was in Guangzhou. Although there was an interruption during the period, it was forced by investors to apply pressure from Quanguangshui .

In mid-November, a foreigner refused to participate in the roadshow speech at that time, which led to Quanguangshui to talk to the core members of the team in the afternoon afterwards. A detailed communication with him for 2 hours, including The experience of starting a business, the reasons for starting this company, and the way you work with vpay. It was learned that it had obtained a lot of funds through multiple blockchain funding projects in the early stage.

In the end, publicizing this matter at a public meeting on a Friday, and using the employee portrait to participate in the promotion of vay and other suspected pyramid schemes, such as vpay, it is foreseeable that the CEO and CTO will be held next Monday. The personnel, lawyers, and a total of four people interviewed and forced the termination of the labor contract. The CEO CTO has repeatedly stated that he must sign an agreement on the day, due to many overtime shifts, annual leave, and promised paid leave due to my previous projects. The economic compensation for the illegal termination of the labor contract has not been reached. The labor contract cancellation agreement has not been signed so far, and the appeal and relevant evidence were submitted to the labor arbitration for arbitration not long ago. Although there is no expectation for the outcome of the labor arbitration, The legitimate rights and interests of oneself need to stand up and defend. They have a more detailed record of the whole process of labor arbitration. They hope that my personal experience can be opened up in this form, so that others can avoid detours.

Other relevant evidence

In the weeks after Fire, through the multi-party information search, there was some connection between the scattered information in the previous part.

Query results about Vpay (alias 速通宝) in Tencent small program Lingbi financial security

IPCHAIN ​​mining strategy, a mobile wallet, plus the addition, deletion and change of the back-end will be on the line of this so-called “mining”

IPCHAIN ​​in vpay second round ico

The relationship between Guangzhou Power Original Block Technology Co., Ltd. and Unity Labs, the record of recruitment through the original power blockchain retained in Tianyancha

“Super Art Rubik’s Cube” brand under the Guangzhou Power Original Block Technology Co., Ltd.

The “super art Rubik’s cube” of the network search results, another MLM product called the blockchain mining

Power the original blockchain of coindora coins

Quan Guangsen (Quan Guangshui Brothers) as the shareholder of the “blockchain company” MLM application developer of the coindora, look at the current (Guangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd., specifically for vpay, a type of company to provide technology development, is in liquidation

Quan Guangsen is the shareholder of the Zhongke national chain, the office address is in the vast international, Unity Labs first temporary office address

The photo of Unity Labs CEO Michael and CTO Warren participated session of the World Blockchain Technology and Application Summit (2018.06.17) ,Interestingly, through the search for participants such as “Mr. Qu Qianyu, the founder of the founding medical beauty technology”, “ITEP Asia Pacific Service” The president of the center, Mr. Qu Qianyu, can know the nature of this activity and the role of the two foreigners.

Key person

  1. Quanguangshui, multiple project investors and traders
  2. Xu Dasheng, the power of the original legal person, super art magic square trader
  3. Quan Guangsen, Quanguangshui Brothers, through its shareholding “Look at the present”, owns 63% of Unity Labs through Quanlian.
  4. Michael, CEO of Unity Labs, previously owned a platform for all other funded projects in Quanshui, with a 32% stake in Unity Labs
  5. Warren, Unity Labs CTO owns 5% of Unity Labs
  6. Serena, Michael’s girlfriend, graduated in English. She was a teacher of English training institutions and was responsible for the translation between Michael and Quanguangshui and other Chinese people.
  7. Shao ling Quan Guangshui Assistant, leading a team of more than 10 people responsible for the IPCHAIN ​​activity roadshow

Key company

  1. Unity Labs,Michael as a legal person
  2. Full Chain International Holdings (Guangzhou) Co. , Ltd. , Quanguangshui as legal person, Xu Dasheng as supervisor
  3. Guangzhou Quanlian Technology Co. , Ltd, Quanguangshui is a legal person, and Serena is a shareholder. Recently (12.5) a shareholder change occurred.
  4. Guangzhou Power Original Block Technology Co. , Ltd.,Quanguangshui and Xu Dasheng jointly operate the company of coindora coins, super art cubes and other fund projects.
  5. Looking at the current (Guangzhou) Information Technology Co. , Ltd.,Quanguangsen has a 20% stake in the “blockchain” development company, providing development services for the coindora coin.
  6. Zhongke Guochain (Guangzhou) Blockchain Technology Co. , Ltd.,Quanguangsen has a 25% stake in the “blockchain” development company, and Unity Labs is a temporary office in the vast world.

Lawyers who provide lawyer services for alleged pyramid schemes and financial fraud activities of the above companies and key individuals

  1. Yu Wei, Blockchain Lawyer, License No.: 14402110110092117 Practice Time: 2 years Practice Area: Guangdong Jinqiao Baixin Law Firm Law Firm Address: 24th Floor, Gaode Landmark Winter Plaza.More
  1. Save the brainwashed mothers! What should I do in the face of the pyramid scheme scam?
  2. A total of 3 million members have raised 800 million yuan, and the blockchain platform that has been smashed and sold has been put on the “chain of Ma Yun”.
  3. Secret Vpay scam alert to the pyramid of “blockchain” coats

Quoted from Changchun Administration for Industry and Commerce

It should be noted that the composition of the above-mentioned illegal acts does not require the parties to know or know that it is illegal to implement acts that facilitate the pyramid scheme. However, for units that provide social public services, postal, telecommunications, public transportation and other units do not constitute illegality when they do not know or know. Where other laws and regulations provide otherwise, the provisions of the law are not limited to the ones listed in Article 26 of the Regulations on Prohibiting Pyramid Sales. Others include: providing training services for pyramid schemes, designing systems for pyramid schemes, Designing computer software for pyramid schemes, etc., all acts that provide convenience for pyramid schemes are prohibited by laws and regulations. If they constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.